Front End Development

The majority of Gekko’s customers employ a staged or gated project execution approach. Often times a project needs to be scoped out with very little up front information or guidance. Gekko has performed many high level Front End Development investigations to determine project rough order of magnitude costs. These Front End Development investigations help in determining anticipated project costs with relatively little upfront cost. Gekko can perform the project scoping at the initial, appraise, select, define, and execute project stages. Gekko personnel have experience working both as the owner and at the owners site and have an understanding of what is required to internally progress a project to the next stage of execution.
Project Examples
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks: Develop +/- 30% cost estimate for new 600,000 bbl of crude storage at a local refinery including tanks, pumps, piping and pipe racks.
  • Sulfur Recovery Plant Vapor Recovery Compressor Upgrade: Develop +/- 30% cost estimate to install a 100% spare compressor, nitrogen purge system, and controls.
  • Storm Water Discharge: Develop +/- 30% cost estimate to investigate changing the way storm water is discharged at a local refinery.
  • Rail car Offloading Facility: Develop ±30% cost estimate for a new rail car offloading facility at a local refinery. Scope included several thousand feet of rail, spill containment, offloading and vapor balance piping, transfer pumps, and substation with VFD drives. Gekko provided environmental permitting support.
  • Rail Car Loading Rack: Analyze two existing steel framed loading rack structures for addition of new loading arms. The existing rack structures were examined for their compliance with the existing seismic codes and as-built drawings were developed to detail the required structural member, connection, and foundation reinforcements and upgrades.