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Instrumentation Engineering and Design

Gekko Engineering can provide a range of Engineering and Design Services covering aspects of process control, security systems, fire and gas monitoring, and plant communication systems. We have provided clients with construction packages for the Instrumentation portion of multi-discipline projects performed solely by Gekko Engineering as well as providing packages to be integrated into projects that are being performed by the plant owner, or other contractors or system vendors.
Instrument and Control Systems Engineering and Design Services have been provided to these industries:
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Pipeline Terminals
  • Marine Terminals
  • Oil Production
  • Off-Shore Oil Production
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food and Beverage
The services include the generation of purchase order specifications and construction installation packages that encompass:
  • Distributed control systems (DCS)
  • Control valve sizing, trim and accessory data
  • Pressure relief valve sizing
  • ISA based data sheets for all Pressure. Level, Flow and Temperature applications
  • Wireless remote control and monitoring systems
  • Data acquisition and report generation systems (SCATA)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) and graphic display requirements
  • Logic diagrams
  • Cause and Effect diagrams
  • Loop diagrams
  • Process installation details with complete bills of material
  • Conduit routing drawings with all required details
  • Instrument location plans
  • Instrument electrical installation details
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) layouts enclosure design and wiring diagrams
  • Instrument Junction box layouts and assembly details
  • Instrument cable tray routing and installation details
  • Main control panel/console layouts
  • Local panel layouts for large compressors or other complex machines
  • Fire and gas monitoring systems
  • Analyzer shelter design and specification
  • HVAC and building pressurization controls
Project Examples
  • Pressure Regulators for Plant High Pressure Natural Gas Line: A local refiner needed a new, high pressure natural gas service from the utility to supply its current needs and provide for a future cogeneration facility. Gekko engineered a system that included several thousand feet of piping and an intricate system of redundant regulators to ensure an uninterrupted supply at different delivery pressures. This was a first of its kind application for Fisher, and considerable expertise was provided by Gekko to arrive at a control scheme that balanced cost, reliability, and noise criteria.
  • Electronic and Pneumatic Control Systems: Some of the control system projects that Gekko has designed have required complex planning and integration. The various new systems that are available and the upgrades or additions to existing control systems demand that we keep up to date with the best in class computer based systems and know existing DCS additions and upgrades. Some of the DCS systems we work with are the Honeywell TDC, Emerson Delta V, Taylor Mod 3 and the PLC distributed systems. Some of the PLC control systems that we have worked with include Allen Bradley, Siemens, Triconex, Direct Logic, and Modicon. Some oil platforms and smaller refineries in many cases style rely on pneumatic systems for local and remote controls, due to its intrinsically safe operation in ignition sensitive atmospheres. Some of the local and remote pneumatic systems we have worked with include Foxboro, Fisher, Taylor and Moore.
  • Field Instrument Specification and Installation Details: Gekko continues work with our customers to offer new unit field instrument selection and detail specifications for industries including petrochemical plants and production platforms. We utilize our customer’s instrument forms and data base like Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI), or we use our own developed ISA conforming Instrument Specification Sheets, Index, Loop Diagrams and Installation Detail Standards. Whenever possible we find and revise our customer’s instrument location and conduit routing plans, but we often develop new drawings with common drawing software such as AutoCad and MicroStation. We also develop installation details utilizing our in-house the standard details that we keep currently on file.
  • Gas Detection Systems and Process Analyzers: Gas detection systems are a major part of many of our customer’s personnel safety programs and knowing what gases are in their processes is critical to their safe operation. Some of the current systems we have designed and implemented for gas detection include HVAC fresh air inlet monitoring and shutdown circuitry in the event of a toxic or hazardous detection. Our inline process analyzers include infrared industrial continuous sampling systems that are linked into process controls for automatic closed loop variations. We keep updated with the current systems available and knowing the proven systems that are presently being successfully used, and implement them into our projects.
  • Analyzer Room Area Classification Upgrade: The project work scope included modifications necessary to upgrade the Octane (Knock) Engine Room so that unclassified equipment could be installed within the room. Activities included replacing blower controls, installing Triconex PLC, upgrading gas and fire detectors, sample stream isolation, and installing manual shutdown controls.
  • Cathodic Protection System Upgrade: Updated the existing tank cathodic protection system at a terminal due to depleted anodes. Remote monitoring units were installed on rectifiers to remotely test units so personnel did not need to visit the terminal to perform routine tests.