• Refinery Piping - Mechanical Engineering
  • 3D Stress Analysis - Mechanical Engineering
  • Corroded Pipe Replacement - Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Hydraulic Pump - Mechanical Engineering
  • Offshore Oil Platform - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Gekko Engineering provides comprehensive mechanical engineering and design services. Our mechanical staff has experience in new construction, rerating, retrofitting, and maintenance issue mitigation. We work jobs from start to finish or subdivided with tasks including but not limited to field investigations, field testing, completion of calculations of varying complexities, and procuring approval of plans and designs from multiple "Authorities Having Jurisdiction." We are ready to assist you on any phase or gate of your project completion process, no matter how large or small.
Mechanical Engineering and Design Services have been provided to the following industries:
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Pipeline Terminals
  • Marine Terminals
  • Oil Production
  • Off-Shore Oil Production
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food and Beverage
Project Examples
  • Pipe Stress: Gekko Engineering has completed numerous piping stress analysis projects in support of new piping design as well as evaluations of existing piping in service. Piping analysis includes checking pipe stresses according to ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, and B31.4 code criteria for load cases such as self weight, thermal expansion/flexibility, and seismic loads. Results are used to define optimum pipe support configurations and to obtain support loads used for design of pipe supports and structures.
  • Flare Line Replacement: Performed detailed engineering for the replacement of approximately 2000 feet of 30" diameter flare line piping at a local refinery. Performed thermal stress analysis on the line, cost estimating, and structural evaluation of the pipe rack for hydrotest weight. Scope also included evaluation of constructability issues related to removal of the old line and installation of the new line within a very tight space in a fully loaded existing pipe rack.
  • Vertical Vessel Analysis for Out of Plumbness: A fire caused an out-of-plumb condition on a 90’ tall stripper tower. Detailed stress analysis using an FEA model was performed to confirm that the tower can remain in service.
  • Re-tubing for Several Heaters: Assisted with developing RFQ packages for several heaters requiring re-tubing during an upcoming plant turnaround. Work involved partial changes to the radiant section tubes, convection section tubes, and a replacement of an entire convection section box.
  • Positive Displacement Pump Vibration Evaluation: Performed detailed analysis of caustic injection PD pump suction and discharge piping that was experiencing high vibration levels. Reviewed existing pulsation dampener sizing and recommended larger pulsation dampeners be installed.
  • Lab Building HVAC Upgrade Modifications: Provided engineering and design services related to lab infrastructure improvements including building code analysis regarding the area separation and fire rating issues. Assist in researching the building occupancy requirements based on proposed floor plan layout.