• Refinery Turnaround / Maintenance Assistance
  • Refinery Turnaround / Maintenance Assistance
  • Refinery Turnaround / Maintenance Assistance

Turnaround & Maintenance Assistance

Gekko Engineering has provided a range of turnaround design, engineering and project management support. This includes providing onsite design support and mechanical engineering as well as on-call structural support. Our multi-disciplined team understands the urgent nature of turnaround efforts and can react quickly to any engineering and design need that may arise. Our project management team has provided excellent service tracking installation projects in coordination with turnaround efforts. These include vessel and equipment replacements, and new process installations. Whether pre, event or post-turnaround, our team understands the need to have equipment return to service safely and quickly with the ability to close MOCs and cost centers.
Project Examples
  • Develop Turnaround Piping Packages: Reviewed work letter with TA coordinators, planners, unit inspectors and operations. Developed piping packages for TA maintenance work with current piping specs and standards. Assembled BOMs for piping packages. Ordered, checked and secured material for mechanical contractors.
  • Managed Piping Turnaround Work: Worked with the mechanical contractor supervising pre-TA fabrication and demo work. Responsible for piping work during TA. Worked with other coordinators, schedulers, planners and contractors. Post TA managed red-lined drawings for client. Made sure archived drawings were corrected. Turned over final packages to Document Control.
  • Turnaround Engineering Support: Coordinate with the inspectors and planners to produce hundreds of piping IFC packages for a major refinery maintenance outage. Isometrics were produced from laser scans for best dimensional accuracy, and the pipe spools were verified in the shop to ensure fit up in the field. Additional work included pressure vessel and structural engineering support.
  • Heat Exchanger Foundation Repair: A heat exchanger was being replaced at a refinery during a turnaround. During the process of removing the exchanger the foundation was damaged. Gekko visited the site on the weekend and had sketches developed for a suitable repair Monday morning.
  • Fuel Gas Line Stress Evaluation: An emergency repair needed to be made to an existing fuel gas line in a refinery. The ideal solution involved placing a stopple on a long unsupported pipe span. Gekko personnel visited the site, determined the piping system as-built condition, performed a pipe stress evaluation of the proposed installation, and developed pipe support sketches that could be used to safely install the stopple.